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Jan 31, 2013

"From our first phone conversation with Polly we knew that we had the right agent for us. She made us feel, from the very beginning, that we were in good hands and our house would sell. She goes above and beyond what you would expect and makes this process as care free as it can possibly be. For many reasons she is an ideal partner in trying to sell your home. Polly knows how to stage a house. In a short meeting, she was able to give us some pointers on how to make our home look the best that it can without spending a boat load of money. Just by changing around some furniture, a couple of accents here and there, and a little paint and elbow grease, our home looked amazing. With her “homework” she gave us at our meeting, we had our house looking better than it ever looked. Polly knows how to accent the good in a home and potential buyers have a hard time walking away. Polly also helped greatly in the pricing of our home. She gathered a lot of data on the real estate locally, researched the value of all the updates in our home, made us aware of the negatives we needed to take into consideration, and discussed with us what we were comfortable with as a price. Although she let us make the final decision, with her expert guidance we came out with what seemed like the perfect price on our home. Let’s talk about how hard Polly worked for us. Not only does she put your home on the usual internet search but she makes these beautiful flyers for all the customers walking through your home. These flyers inform the perspective buyers of all the things your home has to offer that may not be obvious to the naked eye or passed by without a second thought. It also gives them something to take home with them and refer to with those facts and pictures of your home. Polly was also great at answering phone calls, texts, and emails that were sent to her, promptly getting back to us with the information we needed. Last but not least, Polly sold our home in 8 days. Yep, that’s not a typo, eight days. With the expertise staging, the right price, and great advertising, how could anyone pass up the deal on our home. The first person who looked at our property bought it. So the proof is here in black and white, Polly got the job done and we will use her every time when buying or selling a house and will recommend her to everyone we know. Polly has a gift and passion for selling houses and it shows." Happy Clients and Friends, Pete & Stacy

— Pete and Stacy .

Jan 31, 2013

“Polly Lorenzo has gone over and above the expectations into making sale of this house possible. Whenever she had to be over at the property for any appointment that took place, she was there, and stayed there until the appointment was complete. Also, she made it a point to update her client if there was anything wrong that needed to be addressed. I would definitely use her services again when time comes.” – Jason

— Jason .

Nov 30, 2012

Moving can be an unnerving adventure for anyone, but our move was especially daunting. Not only were we in a time crunch, but we were also relocating from the North Country of New York State – 10 hours away – with three boys ages 6 and under to a place that was the furthest west I had ever been. Add to that the fact that my husband was working his summer job in downstate, NY – 5 hours away from where we were living at the time – and you get a particularly difficult move. He accepted his new position out here in Ohio in the end of June, with a start date of August 22. Our first visit to the area on the 4th of July weekend was disappointing. The realtor we looked with was great, but the many homes we saw were not, and I left feeling scared about what was going to happen. That realtor referred us to the relocation department, as she specialized in a particular area and had nothing else to show us. Thank heaven she did because from that referral, along came Polly….. Polly Lorenzo called me when I was at my lowest. Mid-July was approaching, and we HAD to find something fast. I was hoping to avoid renting so that we wouldn’t end up doing two moves and possibly switching our kids’ schools more than once. I was completely frazzled, had been a crazy person looking at houses on the internet, and in a panic because we had planned another trip to Ohio for that weekend, and I hadn’t heard from the person I had reached out to about seeing several places. The minute Polly started talking, I knew I was in the right hands. She was straight-forward, confident, organized, and had an obvious passion for what she does. We discussed what my husband and I were looking for in a home and community, what our budget was, and the towns that had piqued our interest. By the end of the conversation, Polly had recommended a contact for financing, promised to email me all the listings she could find that matched our criteria that evening, and more importantly, had me feeling like everything was going to be okay, that we would NOT be living in a van down by the river after all. That evening, my husband and I sorted through the many, many homes that were included in Polly’s email, and we managed to narrow it down to almost 10 places. After several phone conversations, we met Polly at her office a mere 3 days after our initial contact to do a whirlwind, one-day tour of the places we had chosen. Polly’s knowledge of and love for real estate and her dedication and focus on her clients were demonstrated over the course of the day. At no point did I feel like she was looking to make a buck, but rather that she was looking to find the absolute best fit for us and our family’s needs. She very quickly had a good read on us and exactly what we were looking for, and she presented each home to us in a frank manner. I can honestly say that I don’t believe Polly would have allowed us to consider a home that she would not have considered good enough for her own family. Polly’s concern for us and our needs was demonstrated not only in our home search, but also as the day progressed on a very personal level. We were hoping to meet up with our loan officer before the trip back to NY that night and had a two-year-old with us who was past exhausted. Polly made sure we were all set with somewhere to grab a bite to eat and have some downtime for our little guy while we waited to hear from the financer. A couple of days later, Polly helped us make the smartest possible offer on the second house we had seen with her and the ONE we fell in love with. She continued to exceed our expectations once we were under contract, connecting us with the necessary people for inspections and such. When several problems with the house arose, Polly spent a LOT of time at the property and working with us and the seller’s agent to make sure everything was taken care of properly. Polly attended the inspection in our stead and immediately sent me pictures when she and the inspector found the backyard under several inches of water. She had me on the phone with the inspector at once, and was in contact with several contractors to get them in for estimates on the remedy for the problem by the time I spoke with her again a few short hours later. She was once again at the house with the contractors that evening. Polly advised us of all of our options, especially given the problem with the yard, every step of the way. And through the entire process, I felt that she was on our side, looking out for our best interest. She made what seemed like an impossibility happen – we found the perfect place from hundreds of miles away and were able to complete the transaction despite the distance and our unusual circumstances. We did stick out the issues that arose, closed on August 12, and are now settling into our new, incredible home in a community that we are quickly falling in love with. I am confident that we would not have found this place without Polly’s assistance and that things would not have transpired as efficiently and as thoroughly as they did without her. I truly believe that the deal might have fallen through, with the issues that came up, if not for her attention to detail and insistence upon fairness. She is the epitome of the word PROFESSIONAL. Not once did Polly fail to call me in a timely manner, and she is ethical, honest, and has her client’s best interest at heart. She will never sugar coat things – the situation is what it is, and she explores all options, seeking the best solution for her client. Not only does Polly make things happen, but she makes them happen as smoothly as possible. She works her heart out, and does the right thing for her clients. She is organized, smart, and able to keep every single ball up in the air. And she makes it all look easy. I began this process feeling overwhelmed, lacking knowledge and alone. I left it feeling that we made the absolute best decision for our family when we bought this home in this community because of the knowledge and guidance that Polly provided. And a stranger in a strange land, I feel like I still have a person in my corner, someone to whom I can reach if I need help. Without a doubt, I would, and have recommended Polly to anyone. I will, without hesitation, seek out Polly in the future for any of our real estate needs. I have no doubt that she is the BEST at what she does.

— Elizabeth and PJ Kavanagh

Jul 13, 2018

Without a doubt, Polly gets my absolute highest recommendation. She excels in aspects of the real estate business. She sold my daughter’s house first and that’s how found her. I would never go with anyone else.

— smithg2303

Jun 22, 2018

Very friendly and concerned with your needs. Makes herself quickly available, and returns calls and emails in a timely fashion. Great to work with. Look forward to working with her again!

— Gary Blaylock

Jun 20, 2018

Polly was wonderful from start to finish. She was knowledgeable, professional and attentive. I would recommend her to anyone needing a realtor. We accepted an offer after being on the market less than 5 days. Our entire experience with Polly was a positive one.

— kimberly robbins81

Jan 14, 2017

Excellent on every level! Always responded immediately, honest, helpful, above and beyond what you would expect. She was able to identify my priorities and tastes and focused on showing me those houses, she worked around my schedule.

— zuser2016100310...